Preparing Your Home for Sale

When selling your home, it’s ­­important to get your home properly ready so you can ensure the best price. According to CREB, the best chance of selling your property is within the first seven weeks, and the longer it stays on the market, the less money you’re likely to net. Here are some easy steps to get your home ready for sale:

Clean up and de-clutter

• Make sure your home is squeaky clean, even if that means hiring a professional. Buyers can be turned off by the smallest odour or mess in your home.
• Make your home look bigger or more spacious by eliminating old junk and clutter.
• Extinguish bad odours; you’d be surprised how much more inviting your home will seem.

Spruce up the indoors

• Painting is a great improvement investment when selling your home. Paint chips in walls, exposed wood or paint that looks faded.
• Carpet that is worn, outdated or an unusual colour, you should consider replacing.

Curb appeal

• Trim trees or shrubs that block the visibility of your home from the street.
• Grass should be mowed and yard landscaped to improve appearance.
• Remove parked cars if possible, remove any debris from the front yard.
• Repair broken and damaged fencing.

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