LTW Approved Vendor: Amhurst Property Management

Each week we feature one of our approved vendors. We often get asked about the great local companies we work with, so here’s your chance to get the insight on some Calgary businesses we prefer.

This week we’re featuring the company we work with for property management: Amhurst Property Management.

Here’s a rundown of the company:

• Help find tentants for rental properties
• Manage condominiums, townhouses and single-dwelling rental properties
• Condo management

Here’s what they say about themselves:

“Amhurst Property Management Ltd. is a results-driven residential property management company. We specialize in condominium, townhouse, apartment, and single dwelling rental of properties that are located in Calgary. Amhurst is recognized by owners and tenants for our commitment to service and attention-to-detail in all aspects of property management.”

We highly recommend this company for their great work with our clients in the past. Contact them at: (403) 237-0477 or visit their website (link above).