LTW Approved Vendor: AMJ Campbell Movers

Each week we feature one of our approved vendors. We often get asked about the great local companies we work with, so here’s your chance to get the insight on some Calgary businesses we prefer.

This week we’re featuring the company we work with for moving services: AMJ Campbell Movers.

Here’s a rundown of the company:

• Residential moving
• Office moving
• Satellite tracking of your shipment
• Distribution centre
• Office services including storage and warehousing
• Special products moving

AMJ Campbell Moving Company Calgary. We are your local,  experienced moving company offering exceptional service for all of your relocation needs. Our highly trained professionals are ready to provide you with superior service for all of your packing, transport, delivery or storage requirements.

We’ve use AMJ Campbell in the past and always recommend them to our clients. Give them a call today (403) 273-1220. For more information on our other approved vendors, email us or find us on Twitter: @Len_T_Wong.