LTW Approved Vendor: Mountain View Painters

Each week we feature one of our approved vendors. We often get asked about the great local companies we work with, so here’s your chance to get the insight on some Calgary businesses we prefer.

This week we’re featuring the company we work with for painting: Mountain View Painters.

Here’s a rundown of the company:

• Colour consulting
• Stucco coating
• Exterior painting
• Interior painting

Here’s a bit about them, in their own words:

“Mountain View Painters is focused on providing property managers, builders and homeowners with quality exterior painting solutions. We deliver premium products and professional service in a timely manner and our many references will confirm the high level of craftsmanship our painters bring to each job. We have completed projects to date ranging from large condominiums to hotels to residential homes.”

We’ve worked with Mountain View in the past, and are always happy to recommend them to our clients. Check out their website, or call them at: 403-607-0316.

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