Making the Case for Condos


While condo living certainly can offer a lot of advantages for first-time homebuyers, condos are also an attractive option for baby boomers, empty-nesters and really—everyone. We thought we’d take a look at some of the reasons condo living can be great:

Location and Affordability

We lumped these two together because they go hand in hand. If location is important to you, whether it be in the suburbs surrounded by quiet and parks, or in the urban centre and bustle of the city, the location you desire generally comes at a more affordable cost with a condo.


Many condos offer amenities to residents such as party/conference rooms, fitness centres, tennis courts, swimming pools and more. The amount of amenities available depends on the building, and sometimes even the location.


For some people, having a sense of commonality is important. Buying into the right condominium community can be a big selling feature, as is buying into the right neighbourhood. Because you will all be living within close proximity to each other, this could be a great way to meet new people.

Minimal Maintenance

Buying a condo means never having to shovel a driveway, or do any landscaping, building repairs are not your worry either. And if you live in a building with underground parking, no brushing off your car during those long Calgary winters!


Having close neighbours brings piece of mind that you and your things are safe and secure. In addition, some condo buildings offer security systems and cameras, sometimes even security guards. Regardless, nobody can enter a condo building without being buzzed in, which prevents a lot of strangers (and solicitors) from entering.

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