2015 Calgary Real Estate Property Assessments: What You Need to Know



On Friday, the City of Calgary mailed out approximately 500,000 Property Assessment notices. The assessments reflect the market value of the property on July 1, 2014, and the physical condition as of December 31, 2014.

The average home in Calgary is now valued at $475,000 (up a whopping $45,000 from last year), and the average condo is valued at $290,000 (up $30,000 from last year).

“We are committed to delivering fair and equitable assessments and encourage all property and business owners to carefully review their assessment and contact us during the Customer Review Period if you have any questions or concerns,” says Director and City Assessor Nelson Karpa.
Homeowners have from now until March 6, 2015 to review their Assessment with the City of Calgary, and if you see any discrepancies, you are encouraged to do so. Information can be found on the City of Calgary website here

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