Condo Safety Tips You Should Know



The hot demand for condos in Calgary is driving the construction industry, and despite what may be happening with the economy, our city’s condo market continues to be a good investment. If you currently live in a condo or are looking to move to one, here’s some safety tips you should be aware of.

  • Unless you are moving into a brand new condo, you should get your locks changed upon moving in
  • All exterior doors should be equipped with a deadbolt (don’t rely on chain locks)
  • Ensure your exterior doors come with a peephole, if not, install one
  • Ensure all windows are equipped with locks
  • Never include your full name in buzzer directory or on mailboxes
  • Never buzz in people you do not know to your building
  • Keep your car locked in carport areas
  • Ensure there is proper lighting in carport areas
  • If you have a shared laundry room, avoid using it alone
  • Ensure you are well-informed of your condo’s security measures (surveillance, hired staff, etc) – communicate with your Condo Association on appropriate measures as well

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