What to do when your home didn’t sell



Did you have an experience where your home didn’t sell, and the listing expired without results? There are several factors as to why your home may not have sold: market conditions, the home is in bad shape, etc. Whatever the reason, you can still do something about it when you re-list.

If you tried this first time around on your own, you’re now probably realizing why you should’ve gone this route in the first place. A REALTOR® can market your property professionally for you too. Here’s some information on why you should hire a REALTOR® to sell your home.

Stage your home
It’s important to make your home look desirable to potential homebuyers, so they can picture themselves there. Especially if lots of homes are on the market, you’ll want yours to stand out. Here’s helpful tips on staging your home for sale.

Change your marketing plan
Perhaps you’re not going at things the right way with your home; new reports show that homes sell better when they incorporate both online and print marketing techniques. Re-evaluate your marketing plan with your REALTOR® and discuss where you could be better using your dollars, or more dollars if need be.

Price your home competitively
This is something that would be an ideal job for a REALTOR®, because they understand the marketplace and the current trends and can navigate that for you with ease. In a buyer’s market, you have to remain competitive and that might mean lowering your price a bit. If selling price is a big factor for you, consider speaking with your REALTOR® about holding off on selling in a different time, but if moving isn’t an option, be prepared for this.

Looking for more tips on selling your home? We’ve got lots of free reports and resources available for download on our website here. If you have questions on real estate, feel free to contact us, or find us on Twitter.

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