Multi-Family Recycling is now mandatory in Calgary


As of today (February 1, 2016), multi-family complexes in Calgary are required to provide on-site recycling options for residents. Multi-family complexes are defined by ‘five or more units on the same parcel of land’, ex: apartments, townhouses, condos, mobile home parks, co-operatives and housing developments on private roads.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for multi-family recycling. It requires flexibility and choice, which the private sector is best able to provide. Recycling companies will provide collection and processing. The City of Calgary will not collect recycling materials, but will provide communication, education and monitor compliance. [City of Calgary]

If you are a condo owner or living in a multi-family complex, and you have not been informed of recycling in your complex, it is advised that you get in touch with your property manager or condo board.


If you are the person making decisions for your building surrounding multi-family recycling, please consider the following steps, as recommended by the City of Calgary:

  • Who will provide the service? there are a number of private recycling companies offering this type of service, and many will communicate with your residents as well. Find a company that fits the needs of your building. Green Calgary is putting together this directory of private recyclers.
  • Accept the right materials: as per City guidelines, your recycling service must at least accept what the City blue cart program accepts:
    • Paper: Newspaper, catalogues and magazines, mixed paper (like flyers, envelopes and office paper), shredded paper, telephone books
    • Boxboard and corrugated cardboard
    • Glass jars and bottles
    • Food cans and foil
    • Refundable beverage containers
    • Plastic containers with the recycling symbols 1-7, except polystyrene foam
    • Plastic bags
    • Juice boxes and soup boxes (such as TetraPaks™)
  • Where will you store recycling? an important step is to decipher where you will place your recycling bins and storage for the items between pick-ups.

Condo owners and managers alike should check out the City of Calgary website for more information and available updates on multi-family recycling.



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