Making Moving to Calgary Easy


Moving can be stressful, especially if moving means planting your family in a new city. However, the team at Len T. Wong & Associates specializes in relocation and moving to Calgary, with a wealth of resources and knowledge in this area. But here’s a few helpful links to know if you’re planning a move to Calgary. Over 313,880 Calgarians (26 per cent) are immigrants, which ranks Calgary just behind Toronto in that regard.

Calgary’s population is young, well educated, entrepreneurial, community minded, generous and well paid. As individuals, Calgarians are family-focused, recreation lovers, that are committed to a healthy work-life balance. As citizens, Calgarians are enthusiastic supporters of community organizations: there are more volunteers in Alberta than the national average. What is the top priority of most Calgarians? Sustaining this city’s superb quality of life. This means ensuring the economic, environmental, health and wellness, recreational, educational and social service advantages that Calgarians have today will be here in the future. [Life in Calgary]

We are also proudly certified with expertise for helping people relocate in the Canadian Employee Relocation Council, so be sure to check them out or ask us about that. And when it comes to finding a home and community to live in Calgary, we are definitely here to assist you every step of the way. Please contact us today or reach us on Twitter.

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