How to fight off autumn moisture at home


We’ve been fairly lucky thus far with the Autumn weather in our city, but more precipitation will be hitting us eventually, and now is the time to get your home ready for what’s ahead.

This article in Global News outlines the dangers of water or excess moisture in your home:

“If we don’t clear our own down spouts and stuff like that the water’s got no place to go,” he said. “It’ll back up the spout and inside the roof and you’ll have water damage almost anywhere in the house.”

Water damage can lead to mould, which is your home’s (and your) biggest nightmare. Mould causes issues in your home but also leads to health problems and symptoms like:

  • Eye, nose and throat irritation
  • Coughing and phlegm build-up
  • Wheezing and shortness of breath
  • Worsening of asthma symptoms

To protect your home from potential flooding or water damage, here’s some tips for protecting your home from rain:

  • Check your foundation: do a check of your foundation to ensure there’s no holes or cracks that need to be sealed.
  • Check exterior paint: heavy rain can be damaging to exterior paint, check to ensure there’s no bubbles or cracks in the paint, and repair if necessary.
  • Check your gutters: make sure your gutters are clear and that your downspouts are facing away from the home.
  • Check your basement: do a walk around your basement and check for any moist spots, which could be the result of existing problem areas and water damage.
  • Check your roof: missing shingles or damaged roofs are problem areas when it rains, and you’ll want to repair damage on the roof before interior damage occurs.

More on Autumn home preparations can be found in this great how-to article from Brightnest.

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