Our top 10 tips for packing and moving


If you are in the process of buying a home, the packing and moving process is a big part of the transition, so you want it to go smoothly. From the first step to the last, here’s our top 10 tips for making packing and moving a breeze:

  1. Get different sized boxes: to help keep things organized better and for easy moving, allow yourself an inventory of boxes that vary in size. Whether you purchasing cardboard boxes, recycling old ones or renting an eco-friendly alternative, don’t do ‘one size fits all’.
  2. Put heavy at the bottom: always put the heaviest stuff on the bottom of the boxes and the lighter stuff on top. If you’re packing your moving truck yourself, also pack the heavier boxes first (towards the front of the truck), to keep things a bit more balanced.
  3. Pack boxes tight: don’t leave gaps or empty spaces in boxes, it will allow your things to move around inside and you don’t want to be unpacking boxes to find something broken. Fill gaps and spaces with tissue paper, towels or bubble wrap.
  4. Keep it organized: try to keep things organized in each box, such as a box for kitchen dishes and flatware, linens, etc. This makes things a lot quicker and easier to unpack.
  5. Label your boxes: based on what the contents are, and also make note of boxes that are fragile. This is also a simple step that makes unpacking and unloading much quicker.
  6. Bundle breakables: keep fragile and breakable items together when possible, to make for much less boxes that are marked fragile. Make sure you pack with special care using bubble wrap and other packing materials.
  7. Tape it up: tape your boxes very well so that you don’t risk a box breaking (which will cause other things to break). This will become very important when it comes to moving those really heavy boxes.
  8. Don’t pack the essentials: there are certain things you should leave out of the moving boxes that you may need during the move itself. Things like your identification, first aid, some cleaning supplies, prescriptions, etc. should be kept outside of boxes and with you at all times.
  9. Think about special treatment: which of your items are going to require special treatment during the move, like televisions, expensive art, etc. Make a plan for these or make note of them for your movers if you hired professionals.
  10. Hire professionals: moving can be very stressful, time-consuming and potentially painful if you don’t have the right kind of help. The cost of a moving company is usually well worth the cost. If you are looking for a reputable mover, we recommend AMJ Campbell Moving. We’ve use AMJ Campbell in the past and always recommend them to our clients. Give them a call today (403) 273-1220, or find them online.

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