Calgary’s Best: Edgemont


The verdict is in, Avenue Magazine released the rankings of Calgary’s Best Neighbourhoods last week, and over the coming weeks, we are going to delve into the investment opportunity and benefits of each of the top 10 communities.

In the number three spot, is the northwest community of Edgemont:

  • 15,708 population
  • 33 walk score
  • 37 transit score
  • 36.92 crime rate
  • 3 off-leash parks

The northwest community of Edgemont is bordered by John Laurie Boulevard, Sarcee Trail, Shaganappi Trail and Country Hills Boulevard. The neighbourhood is 6.6 square kilometres, and in terms of housing, the community is well-established and offers a variety of options. As for investment opportunity, the median assessed property value is $552,000 which is 3.99 per cent lower than 2016. However, this is in no way a reflection of the area but a reflection on the economy.


Some of the notable perks as ranked in the survey (overall ranking compared to all communities in Calgary):

  • Access to parks and pathways: first overall
  • Value of homes: 44 out of 185
  • Low crime: 11 out of 185

Nose Hill Park, the expansive prairie-grassland preserve in the city’s northwest, is a huge asset (literally) to the neighbourhoods nestled around its borders. It’s one of the key reasons why Edgemont, which tucks up against Nose Hill Park to the west, edged up into the top five this year. But Edgemont has more going for it than just its proximity to this favoured destination of cyclists, runners and owners of energetic dogs. The community association’s membership count of 780 exceeds that of top-ranked neighbourhood Varsity, and Edgemont also scores high in the area of community-supported projects. [Avenue Magazine]

The gorgeous landscape and views from Edgemont are one of the reasons residents love living there. However, Nose Hill Park and the access to multiple pathways for cycling, walking or running, is another big draw for people. We would be interested in hearing about your favourite spots in Edgemont, so get in touch with us on social media.

Looking to view the current listings available in Edgemont in northwest Calgary? Click here.


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