Looking to dive into the luxury market? Here’s some tips

With luxury real estate prices still sitting sitting in a favourable margin for buyers, investment opportunities are everywhere as affordability continues. Bottom line: luxury buyers can get more bang for their buck this year when purchasing in this sector.

Here’s some helpful tips for those looking to buy luxury real estate:

  • Don’t rely solely on MLS®: in some cases, luxury listers may not want their identity revealed (for high-profile sellers), so deals may be brewing with an unlisted property or before the home hits the market. This is an area where it really benefits potential buyers to be working with a REALTOR® who has access to this kind of intel and opportunity.
  • Photos don’t tell the whole story: while we hope that a listing agent would use a professional photographer to highlight the property (especially with a luxury home sale), even the best photos sometimes don’t do an amazing property justice. Besides the home itself, what sits around the property is just as important to a home buyer. Have your REALTOR® go and check out the property with you, so you can see for yourself what doesn’t come through on camera.
  • Think about your future: besides worrying about what makes sense for you at the moment, look to the future and what your needs and desires will be for a lifestyle and a home in the next five years, 10 years, 15 years, etc. Does the property and location make sense now, and down the road?
  • Consult luxury experts: a sale of this kind of magnitude is not something to go alone. You’ll want to construct a team of professionals who are not only seasoned in real estate, but in luxury real estate specifically. That means looking for the right mortgage broker, lawyer and most importantly, a REALTOR®. Agents who specialize in luxury homes have insight and information that other agents may not, and can bring properties and opportunities to you that you may not be able to find on your own.

We are proudly experts in luxury real estate in Calgary, it’s why we dedicated an entire website to this marketplace. If you’re interested in seeing what luxury properties we have listed currently, see here. You can also contact us anytime if you’re looking at buying or selling a luxury property.

*Listing photo is from 2002, 108 – 9 Avenue SW


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