How to decorate for Halloween (and be respectful, too)

Halloween is this coming Tuesday, and if you’re big into this celebration or have kids, you probably have plans to get your home into the Halloween decor spirit. While decorating your home for this occasion can be fun, it’s important to always be aware of our neighbours too.

Here’s how to decorate for Halloween and still be a respectful community member as well:

  • Be mindful of your audience: if you plan to decorate the interior of your home for an adult-only Halloween party, then you’re likely okay to go as wild as you want with scary decor. However, if you are decorating the exterior of your home for trick-or-treaters, be aware that you don’t want to opt for anything that would be too scary for kids. Decorations that are too realistic looking, or depict scary situations, could be traumatizing for younger children.
  • Pay attention to your music volume: while it can really turn your Halloween setup from boring to exciting, eerie music or sound effects should be kept to a reasonable volume. You may also want to consider only turning on theme music during Halloween evening and “trick-or-treating time”, rather than keeping it on every night leading up to Monday.
  • Be aware of any limiting bylaws: this is especially important for townhouse or apartment owners, check to see what limitations you may have on decorations on the exterior of your home. Some HOAs have limitations on decorations as well, so be sure to check your bylaws first.
  • Be ready to take it down on Wednesday: unfortunately for some, after Halloween ends, this signals the beginning of the holiday season. Be prepared to take down all of your Halloween decorations on Tuesday, instead of letting your eerie decor linger for days (or weeks). That can be a real irritant for your neighbours who are already planning their holiday displays.

Does one of your neighbours have an amazing Halloween display up? Please share it with us on Twitter.


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