Everything you need to know for Election Day on Monday

Monday, October 16th is Election Day in Calgary, your chance to exercise your civil right and vote on mayoral candidates, City councillors and school board trustees.

Every Canadian citizen has the right to vote. It is how Canadians choose which leaders represent them. Voting is a responsibility that all Canadians should exercise. Your community is shaped by the outcome of an Election. Voting connects citizens with the political process and with each other. When you take part in an election and express your view, you make democracy work. [Elections Calgary]

Here’s what you need to know for Monday:

  • Voting stations are open on Monday from 10am to 8pm.
  • First, understand what ward you live in (58 communities are in new ward boundaries). Then, find your voting station by inputting your address here.
  • Once you arrive at your voting station, you will be greeted by Election workers. You will be asked to provide some identification to the Election worker, there’s a list of acceptable ID online here.
  • You will be asked to confirm you are eligible by signing a document provided. Then you will receive up to three ballots (grey for mayor, blue for councillor and yellow or green for school board trustee).
  • You will go behind a partition to vote. On each ballot, mark an ‘X’ to the right of your candidate of choice, then fold your ballots so your marks are not showing.
  • An election worker will check the initials on the outside of your ballots, then you can place them into the box.

Information on the mayoral candidates can be found here; information on the councillor candidates can be found here; information on the school board trustee candidates can be found here. You can follow election coverage in the local media or on Twitter with #yycvotes.


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