How to deal with the snow dump this week

Yes, our city is under a snowfall warning, a lot of snow is coming our way over the next few days! Before you start scrambling on how to get your driveway and walkways clear (and stay clear), here’s everything you need to know about snow removal in the City of Calgary.


  • Use a shovel: Of course we’re all familiar with this method, and when taking posture into consideration, this can be effective, inexpensive and not painful. However, for heavy snowfalls, you may want to try another alternative.
  • Snowblowers are quicker: These are easy-to-use and there are many different varieties, some that even attach to other vehicles/tools you may already have at home. This will also make a big job go quicker.
  • Try electric snow melters: These products are hidden wires under the surface that will heat up concrete and driveways to melt or prevent icing on the surface.
  • Be a ‘snow angel’: if you know of a neighbour who needs some extra help clearing their walkway or driveway, offer to do it for them. Alternatively, if you want to recognize a ‘snow angel’ in your community, you can nominate them via the City of Calgary online.


  • Snow route parking bans: Temporary parking restrictions are in effect for 72 hours following a declared snow event on specific routes throughout Calgary. Not sure if you live on a snow route? Check here.
  • Snow clearing: The City sands, salts and plows roads and sidewalks based on a priority system. Crews also employ their seven day plan after snow falls.


You can report online or via 3-1-1 snow and ice issues to the City of Calgary, such as:

  • Snow and ice concerns on roadways, bridges, in backlanes, on pedestrian overpasses and on City-owned stairs
  • Excessive sanding/salting concerns
  • Road impassable due to snow
  • Snow fence requests
  • Snow plowed onto sidewalks

Good luck with the snow, and stay safe out there!

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