How to make your Christmas tree a safe focal point in the home

If you have a real Christmas tree this holiday season, you’ll want to ensure you take proper care of it, as holiday trees are one of the leading causes of home fires during this time of year. A dry tree strung with brightly-lit heat sources can be a real fire hazard.

“Live Christmas trees are really festive – and a popular holiday tradition this time of year,” said Carol Henke, Calgary Fire Department Public Information Officer. “However, if they dry out or are left close to a heat source, such as a heater, fireplace or candles, they can be a fire hazard.” [City of Calgary]

Here are some tips to ensuring your tree is kept hydrated and safe this year:

  • If you bend the needles between your fingers, do they break? If yes, your tree is very dry.
  • Cut about a centimetre off the bottom of the trunk – this helps it absorb water easier
  • Water your tree often, the water line should never dip below the cut of the trunk
  • Secure your tree tight, and ensure it doesn’t tip. Get yourself a good stand.
  • Keep your tree away from heat sources and electrical outlets and sources
  • Ensure you are cleaning up fallen needles often

And once your done with your tree, be sure to recycle it through the City of Calgary Christmas Tree Recycling program, which made some crucial changes for this year.

This year The City’s Christmas Tree Recycling program will be drop-off only. We will not be collecting trees door-to-door. Please recycle your real Christmas Trees by taking them to one of our 16 designated drop-off locations between December 26 and January 31.

Enjoy the holiday season everyone and enjoy trimming the tree!

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