How the carless trend is driving real estate

The development of a new downtown parking spot that will convert to condos in the future, is illustrating the growing carless trend in our city.

Platform, a five-level parkade being planned for East Village, is being developed with the ability to convert the space into condos or mixed use in the future.

“The entire building is built to be converted into condos or mixed use,” said Susan Veres, spokeswoman for the Calgary Municipal Land Corp.

Because of its extra high ceilings, “each layer in the future would convert to two layers of multi-family or mixed use,” she added.

The 250,000-square-foot, 500-plus vehicle stall structure to occupy what’s now a parking lot on the south side of 9th Avenue at 3rd Street S.E. envisions a changing world in which self-driving vehicles and other forms of transportation emerge, said Veres.

[Calgary Herald]

This is proof that the carless trend may be here to stay, and it’s a great example of how this is shaping real estate and home design. Another example of this is the N3 condos, that were approved by the City for development in 2015. The 167-unit condo building, was opening with 0 parking stalls. In lieu of car parking, the building is equipped with ample bicycle stalls, and being in East Village also, it is well within the Car2Go zone.

Car2Go has had wild success in our city, offering Calgarians who live inner-city the option of easy transportation without their own vehicle. Not to mention the fact that this model saves drivers on car payments, insurance costs and parking!

Car2go offers you ultimate parking freedom. To end your rental simply park your car2go in a public, on-street parking space within the Calgary Home Area. Even better: certain spots in Calgary are reserved just for car2go members. Look for blue Ps on the app or ‘car2go only’ parking signs in the Home Area. The best part? Parking costs you nothing. [Car2Go]

Because of the success of the launch with Smart Cars, the company has now added several Mercedes sedans and SUVs to their fleet in Calgary, to accommodate even more users and even more needs.

What do you think of the carless trend in real estate? Is it positive? Here to stay? Share with us on social media!

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