How to bring the “luck of the Irish” home

This Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day, and many people are looking for the “luck of the Irish”, but some simple decor practices can bring good luck into your home every day. For example, the popular practice of Feng Shui is not difficult to incorporate, and the following ideas are widely believed to bring good luck to your home.

  • Fresh flowers: many believe that displaying fresh flowers in your home will bring good fortune, but avoid ones with thorns as they block the flow of chi.
  • Coloured door: the colour of your door is said to bring good fortune. Feng Shui dictates south-facing doors should be red or orange, north-facing to be blue or black, west-facing to be gray or white and east-facing to be brown or green.
  • Bed position: many practitioners of Feng Shui say the position of your furniture will have a lot to do with good luck and flow, but having your bed diagonally from your door is said to be the best.
  • Horseshoes: many cultures believe that placing horseshoes above doors will bring you good fortune.
  • Dreamcatchers: in some cultures, a dreamcatcher hung in the bedroom or sleeping space is thought to protect from negative thoughts or bad dreams.
  • Furniture arrangement: it’s believed that arranging your living furniture in a circular formation will help the flow of positive energy.

Alternatively, here are some decor things that are believed to bring bad luck to your home:

  • Black door: in Feng Shui, if a black door faces any direction but north, it could invite bad luck into your home.
  • Cacti or thorny plants: plants with sharp edges are thought to attract bad energy, so while fresh flowers can bring good vibes into your home, thorny plants could do the opposite.
  • Mirror facing the bed: it is believed that mirrors facing a bed can invite problems into a relationship.
  • Paintings of distress: art or paintings that depict stressful settings could bring bad energy to the people in the home. A popular example of this is a shipwreck painting.

These are just a few ideas to try out and incorporate, feel free to share some of the other ideas you’ve heard on Twitter.

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