Size matters: How to fake square footage in your condo

No matter where your condo is located in the city, people tend to think of condominiums as ‘smaller’ housing options. However, typical condos range anywhere from 500 to 2000 square-feet, creating a wide variation in the type of living space available. Say it comes time to sell your condo and people start walking through it, you want it to appear as big and open as possible to combat this mindset so that others can freely imagine themselves in the space. This will allow enough room for them to get creative and dream up ideas for each room. Too cluttered of a space will discourage creativity, while too open of a space may make it look boring. Here are some ways to make your condo look bigger and brighter so that you can boost the sale price.

Bigger isn’t always better

Well, it might be time to trade in that six-piece sectional and 10-foot dining room table for a thin, sleek couch and table with removable leaves. You want the furniture to look as if it was built for that room. Anything too big will make the room look smaller and less appealing. Choose thinner, sleeker pieces as opposed to big and bulky items.

Ditch the clutter

Everyone loves displaying their high school diploma, the portrait they made at paint night or that cool wooden dolphin bought in San Diego. These items might all be important to you, but they don’t hold sentimental value to anyone else and may appear slightly tacky – sorry. When you decide to show your condo, tuck these knick-knacks away so that space is decluttered and free of your mark. This allows peoples’ imaginations to run wild, picturing their life in your minimally decorated home.

Choose Light

Lighting is key when it comes to making a space look more inviting. Use natural light whenever possible. This means opening the blinds, getting rid of heavy drapes and perhaps using mirrors to decorate the walls to let in more rays. This leads to our second point which is: use multiple sources of light to create layers. People love looking at rooms that have more than one light source, creating unique shadows and lighting up new parts of the room. Lastly, choose light colors. Lighter colors are soft, easy to match with and don’t make any bold statements when potential buyers walk into a room. If you have a red couch or bright blue feature wall, this will definitely affect the way the buyer pictures the condo once they leave and think about the purchase.

All in all – less is more. Less color, less furniture and less clutter equal more room for potential buyers to imagine their own lives in their future space. No matter the size of your condo, these tips will help it appear larger to the naked eye. People are always looking for more space, so why not allow them to get creative and decide for themselves what they would do with the space.


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