Tips for staying cool without racking up the utility bill

Summer in Calgary was late to arrive this year so we will be the last ones to complain about the heat. The sun is shining, and we want to do all the outdoor activities we can while it lasts. However, trying to rest up for all these warm weather activities in an even warmer house is nearly impossible. Attempting sleep in a hot sticky room, tossing and turning under the sheet, over the sheet – we’ve all been there, and we hope to never return. Now, of course, you’re all thinking, “just turn on the air conditioner!” But, not all homes are equipped with this feature, plus it has been known to rack up the utility. Here are some unconventional ways to beat the heat while you try to sleep this summer.

Homemade Ice Pack

Remember those cold winter nights when you cozy up with a hot water bottle in bed before falling asleep? Introducing to you a second function of the not-so-hot water bottle. Instead, add cold water and ice cubes to your water bottle in the summer to have the opposite effect. Not enough? Put the water bottle in the freezer to get it good and chilled before hitting the hay.

Sheets are Key

Now we know when it’s smoking hot outside, no one really wants to sleep with a sheet on. But hear us out. First of all, pick cotton. This is a light, breathable fabric that won’t retain much heat. People have been known to dampen the top sheet and lay it over them as they fall asleep, allowing the moisture to cool the air around their body. Want to get creative? Stick the top sheet in a bag and put it in the freezer for a few minutes before bed. This isn’t a long-term solution but it may provide enough of a relief for you to fall into a cool sleep.

If you really can’t sleep with a sheet on you, dampen it and hang it in front of an open window. The incoming breeze will be cooled by the wet sheet – sweet dreams.

Water & Ice

There are just so many things you can do with water and ice to improve a warm bedroom. Remember the good old days before air conditioners? Grab a big bowl, fill it with ice and put it in front of your fan. This will allow hours of chilled air circulating around the room. Or, how about a nice cool shower before bed? This will help lower your body temperature and allow you to slip into a comfortable slumber.

Studies show that sweating in your sleep often has to do with being dehydrated. Sleep experts recommend drinking 8oz of water before bed to hydrate those cells enough to be happy, but not too much so that you need to pee in the wee hours of the morning. Can’t hurt to try right?

Get creative with your nighttime remedies to beat the heat, we promise you don’t need air conditioning to get a good night’s sleep.


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