Calgary’s Best: Beltline

Well, it’s that time of year again – the annual Calgary’s Best Neighbourhoods survey by Avenue Magazine is out. Each year the citizens of Calgary submit their information on the 185 neighbourhoods based on amenities, facilities, ease of transportation, crime and more to be assessed and compared. And each year, everyone eagerly awaits the results deciding their city’s best.

Coming in first place this year, the Beltline ranks as the following:

  • Population: 23,219
  • Walk score: 90
  • Transit score: 76
  • Recreation facility: 54

The Beltline is one of Calgary’s busiest areas, combining residential, commercial and places of work in just 2.9 square kilometres. It is technically located south of Calgary’s Downtown but is often considered part of the ‘Downtown’ area. With countless restaurants, pubs, stores and office buildings, there is no need to ever really leave this area if you don’t want to. It would be entirely possible to live within the Beltline, work close by, walk to the grocery store and use the C-train for transportation, taking advantage of the ‘free zone’ for Downtown stations.

For those who remember the Beltline in the 1980s, this area might not seem like a desirable place to live. However, this community has evolved from ‘The Electric Avenue’ with bar after bar, into a family-friendly neighbourhood inviting a range of demographics, including seniors and families. Even though this area of the city is home to 1,800 children, The Beltline has the lowest number of children per home in the city.

Due to the multitude of amenities in such a small area, the Beltline is one of the most densely populated areas in Calgary. With over 65% of the community population being between the ages of 20-65 years old, the area is home to many working professionals, young couples and families looking to rent in the downtown area. The large majority of the population in this area live in tall apartment buildings, whereas over half of the Calgary population lives in single-family homes. People who live in this area love the downtown life and don’t need a lot of space.

Some of the notable perks as ranked in the survey:

  • Home to 14/25 of Avenue Magazine’s other survey: Calgary’s Best Restaurants 2018
  • Ranked 5/185 in walkability, encouraging residents to walk instead of drive
  • 9/185 in community engagement, hosting and marketing countless events

If you’re someone who enjoys trying new restaurants, shopping at all the new boutiques and attending the hottest events happening at clubs, museums and Downtown venues, then Beltline living might be for you. Sure, it may be downtown living, but the vibrant community will keep you entertained day after day with new ramen restaurants, live music at underground bars and art installations popping up around the corner. Contact us today to chat about your options for downtown living in Calgary’s Beltline.

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