Calgary’s Best: Hamptons

Each summer, Calgarians anxiously await the release of Avenue Magazine’s annual Best Neighbourhoods Survey. The anticipation grows after residents submit their information on Calgary’s 185 neighbourhoods to be analyzed and compared. This year, the survey resulted in new rankings and surprise overthrows. We are proud to report that the Hamptons neighbourhood ranked number three overall!

The Hamptons is a mid-sized community in northwest Calgary, located just inside the boundary of Stoney Trail. Covering 3.5 square kilometres, this neighbourhood has a close-knit population without being overcrowded. The annual survey revealed the following statistics:

  • Population in 2017: 7, 567
  • Walk score: 36
  • Transit score: 35
  • Recreation facility: 30

Compared to the top ten ranking communities in Calgary, the Hamptons is less densely populated over a mid-sized plot. Since the area is highly residential, it ranks slightly lower in walkability and transit scores, however, it is an excellent family-friendly neighbourhood. Young families flock to this area due to low traffic, accessibility to the Hampton School for ages 4-10 and the high number of outdoor recreational amenities.

Whereas the Hampton area may not rank high on the number of restaurants or easy transit options, there are some major perks to living in this largely residential neighbourhood:

  • Very low crime, both crime- and person-related
  • Only seconds away from Nose Hill Park with kilometres of pathways and parkland
  • Home to an exquisite 18-hole golf course

Established in 1990, this neighbourhood was built around the Hamptons Golf Course that provides its residents with plenty of green space and an array of recreational opportunities. This members-only breathtaking course offers 6,869 yards of perfectly manicured fairways, meticulous grounds keeping and a large clubhouse including food services, the golf shop and a venue used to host large events. As part of the homeowner’s annual fee, the Hamptons community also hosts outstanding flower beds, pathways for walking and biking, public recreational facilities and more public services.

Besides looking pristine, this community is also one of the safest areas in the city. The Hamptons ranks number one in the lowest property crime across Calgary and number seven in the lowest person crimes. Perhaps the upscale neighbourhood, as well as the close-knit community members, help in deter crime and keep this area protected.

As a young family looking to settle down in a safe neighbourhood, the Hamptons may be your perfect destination. With access to schools, outdoor recreation and wide-open green spaces, you can’t go wrong with setting down your roots here. Take the dog for a walk down through kilometres of Nose Hill Park pathways or take the kids to play basketball at the local hoop. Better yet, get a babysitter and do 18-holes this Saturday so you can enjoy the sunshine and the smell of fresh cut grass. We can already picture it, can’t you? Take a drive up there this weekend so you get a feel for the laid-back, luxurious way of life in the Hamptons. We’ll see you there, Calgary!

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