An insight into what millennial homebuyers want

It seems like just yesterday that the millennial generation was born, slowly learning to read books and ride bikes. Fast forward 20-30 years and voila – they are now at the age where they want to buy a house! With the invention of computers, the Internet and ground-breaking technologies, these years seem to have flown by. It’s safe to say that millennials want different things in a home than previous generations. If you’re looking to put a house on the market, here is your go-to-guide for all things millennial.

Things Millennial Home Buyers Hate: 

  • Get rid of it. Millennials aren’t into green shag carpets or thinly covered bedrooms. Let the original flooring in your home show, whether that is tile, wood or laminate. If you’re a die-hard carpet lover, keep it limited to small spaces or use area rugs as an accent.
  • Old kitchens. Imagine walking into an open house and the first things you see are army green appliances and dull yellow laminate countertops. Nothing will chase a millennial away faster.
  • Houses built in between 1970-1999. Millennials tend to buy houses built before this as ‘fixer-uppers’ or after this since they’ll have minimal issues. If your home is built during this period, DON’T PANIC. We have some solutions below that can help spruce up your home so that it passes the millennial home buying test.

Things Millennial Home Buyers Love: 

  • Updated kitchens, pulling out all the stops. They have named kitchen islands, high-end stone countertops, top-of-the-line appliances that cannot be heard when running as well as microwaves and wine-coolers built into the cabinets as essential when they are shopping for a new home. If you can dream it, they want it.
  • High-end bathrooms. When it comes to bathrooms, the trend continues. Millennial home buyers want dual showerheads, vanities that float from the wall, motion sensors and lots of glass and stone to cover the room.
  • Open floor plans with themed rooms. Millennials want the main floor of their home to be open, allowing rooms to blend together, such as the kitchen and dining room, or dining and living room. They also want to utilize rooms to separate their individual activities, such as a home gym or a child’s toy room.
  • Earthy-colours. As our society learns more about health and fitness, people try to spend more time outside. Therefore, it is quite fitting that millennials want the inside of their house to look more like outside, with soft tones of blue, green and brown. Don’t be afraid to make these colours pop with an accent here or there.

Now, if you happen to own a Mediterranean, Victorian, Tudor, any Old-World style or Mid-Century home built between 1945-1965, you’re in luck! These particular homes are being scooped up by millennials faster than coffee at a Tim Horton’s drive-through. Adding in some of these millennial must-haves can’t hurt your resale value, whether you own an ‘80s house or a grand Victorian.

For more resources on millennial home buying tastes, check out The Balance.

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