Home maintenance tasks to complete before winter

It may only be the second week of October, but it sure feels like winter to us! On average, Calgary can expect 10 centimetres of snow over the entire month but somehow we received a record-breaking 40 centimetres within 48 hours last week! Therefore, it is time to winterize your home before the cold really sets in. Here is a fall checklist to complete before we get completely covered in snow!

  • Put away the air conditioner. We think it’s safe to say that we won’t be having any more heat waves come through Calgary this fall. It’s probably time to pack up those window air conditioners and portable fans and put them into storage for next summer. If you have removable screens, this is a good time to take them out and enjoy a clear window for the next few months.
  • Trim your trees, shrubs and prepare your garden for winter. If you haven’t already, harvest what’s left of your garden and prepare the soil for next year, sealing in as many nutrients as possible. Trim any trees that you think may get damaged from this year’s snowfall rake up your leaves and recycle any other yard waste using your compost bin.
  • Put away the lawn mower, gardening hose, planters and other yard care items. Ensure that the hose is drained, the planters are emptied and the lawncare equipment is stored somewhere away from the snow. This will keep your items in tip-top shape and clean up the yard at the same time.
  • Time to pack up your sprinkler, outdoor pool and yard games. Anything that has water or plastic pieces should be drained and stored somewhere dry so that it’s protected from the winter elements.
  • Check your furnace. This is a great time to service your furnace as you will depend on it greatly for months to come. Check if it needs a new filter; this should be changed every few months to ensure clean air flow throughout your home. You should also check that the thermostat, pilot light and heating vents are working correctly and efficiently. This should result in a warm, problem-free winter!
  • Finish all the DIY projects that you started this summer while you had time off and felt ambitious. Whether you are painting a bedroom, building a fence or cleaning out your garage, it’s time to finish it up before you put it off until next summer.

No matter what time of year it is, there always seems to be another checklist. However, getting your home ready for winter is a process that will save you time and energy in the long run. Cleaning your gutters, inspecting your roof and sealing your home up for winter are just part of the winter-proofing process. If you are looking for a new home with less space to clean, more space to spread out or just a new place to call home, send us a message today!

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