St. Paddy’s Day inspiration: How to make your home a good luck charm

A rabbit’s foot, four-leaf clover or some fuzzy dice are the typical good luck charms people think of, but why not turn your entire home into a good luck charm? Mix Feng Shui with the luck of the Irish this season! Try some of these quick tricks to add that luck into your home:

  • Fresh Flowers
    • Flowers don’t just add life and beauty to your living space, but they also bring good luck. Now you don’t need an excuse to brighten up your living space!
  • Coloured Door
    • Who wants a beige door anyways? Depending on the direction it is facing, add colour to your space by painting a door. If the door faces north, paint it blue or black; if it’s pointing south, make sure it’s orange or red; west should be white or grey; east should be brown or green.
  • Bed Position
    • Feng Shui dictates that your bed should be diagonal to your door to help the room flow. Give it a try and see what you think!
  • Horseshoes
    • Add to that Calgary country aesthetic by placing horseshoes over your doorways to add an extra bit of luck to your home. Stylish and practical!
  • Dreamcatchers
    • By putting these in your bedroom, you ward off negative thoughts and bad dreams. A lucky state of mind is the first step to a lucky life.
  • Furniture Arrangement
    • Help the flow of positive energy by arranging your furniture in a circle. Plus it makes for easy conversation when you host your next dinner party.

Of course, if there are ways to add luck to your home, there are also things to avoid:

  • Black Door
    • If your door isn’t facing north, make sure your door is not black. It invites negative energy into your home, and nobody needs that.
  • Cacti or Thorny Plants
    • Steer clear of thorny plants, as they attract negative energy and are bound to poke a hole in your luck.
  • Mirror Facing the Bed
    • It is often believed that a mirror facing the bed can bring negativity to your relationship so try hanging it on the back of your door or a wall in the hallway.
  • Paintings of Distress
    • Many people like the look of paintings that have stressful situations in their home, like shipwrecks. However, this can bring bad energy into the home and should be avoided.

If you manage to keep these quick tips in mind while decorating and organizing your space, you should be able to bring some extra luck into your home and your life. Don’t take the rabbit’s foot off your keychain just yet though – every little bit of good luck helps!

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