City Looking for Feedback on the Future of Eau Claire

With spring-time upon us, the City of Calgary is asking for feedback on the future of Eau Claire. The link between downtown and Prince’s Island Park has long been a hotspot for runners, bikers and people out for a walk on a sunny afternoon. Due to the beauty and popularity of this area, the city has committed to giving it more character and making it more accessible. There are currently seven projects in varying stages of development and the city wants to hear from you! Here’s the gist:

  • The Eau Claire Promenade runs from the west side of Eau Claire to the East Village walkway, creating a beautiful, safe path for people to get around while also providing flood protection for the downtown area. This promenade will connect people with the Bow River and allow locals to enjoy the vibrant city centre alongside the beautiful riverfront.
  • Jaipur Bridge has been standing for over 50 years and the time has come to see it replaced. This will improve access to Prince’s Island Park and will allow emergency vehicles to access the island, making it safer for everyone.
  • Eau Claire Plaza is being redesigned to promote community gatherings and integrate the vibrant and diverse community in Calgary. It will be a place of learning and history for social and cultural gatherings in Calgary.
  • Improving 3rd Street Southwest is another goal that will blur the lines between roadway and pedestrian walkway. It aims to attract people with semi-permanent retail and food kiosks, markets and art installations while connecting the river to Eau Claire and Stephen Avenue.
  • After the 2013 floods, the city came up with the Sunnyside Flood Barrier. This project is still in very early stages with the goal to provide flood protection to the neighbourhood while also adding to its aesthetics.
  • Construction of the Sunnyside Storm Lift Station began in 2018. This system will protect the southeast area in Sunnyside from localized flooding while also helping reduce overland flooding on Memorial Drive.
  • The Green Line will see our C-Train lines extended by 20 kilometres; this will be the largest segment of train built to date. The team in charge of this line is researching tunnelling methods to ensure that the safest and most cost-effective processes are used. Adding this line will allow easier access to many parts of the city that are less than ideal to get to with current public transit.

With all these big changes hopefully coming to fruition soon, the future looks bright for the people of Calgary. The extension of the C-train line and further protection from flooding will increase the quality of life citywide. The overhaul of Eau Claire will see a big boost in foot traffic and will be another space for people of all ages to get out and enjoy Calgary throughout the year.

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