How to get your BBQ ready for grilling season

This warm weather means that your patio is soon going to be the prime hangout spot in your home. Get ready to enjoy mornings, afternoons and evenings in the warm sunshine while you fire up the barbeque and grill some delicious eats this spring! With that said, the long winter can leave your barbeque in desperate need of some attention. Here are a few tips to help get you grilling as soon as possible:

  • Prepare some cleaning supplies so you’re ready to tackle whatever winter threw at your grill: some towels you don’t mind getting dirty, a brush, a pail with soapy water and maybe even a shop vacuum. You don’t need to buy anything special to get your barbeque shining like the day you bought it. However, avoid using the oven cleaner; it’s corrosive and can damage the barbeque. Remove the cooking grates and give them a good scrubbing. If they’re cast iron, follow the instructions that came with the barbeque to keep them in good shape.
  • While you’re cleaning, remove a few parts to make sure everything is working as intended. Remove the heat tempers and give them a quick cleaning while also checking the burners and the burner tubes; these can wear out quickly due to high temperatures.

Keep your eye on the lava rocks or bricks if your barbeque has them. Grease and another residue can gather on these and cause random flare-ups. Check all exterior connections to your barbeque, like the gas connection sockets and regulators, to make sure they’re in good shape. Check the tubes for cracks and be sure the knobs and push-button starter work properly.

  • Your venturi tubes are important to stay on top of, running from the burner to the control valves. They permit air to mix with the propane or gas that allows you to cook on the barbeque. If the gas flow gets obstructed in these tubes, it could cause a fire in a place you don’t want one.
  • Always clean as you go. This tip goes for cooking everywhere, but it holds especially true for a barbeque. If you let a full summer of grease and cooking debris build up, you’re going to have a hard time making it sparkle come the next grilling season. Keep up with the cleaning and you won’t have to put too much elbow grease into it on the daily.
  • Don’t throw away your used tin foil; crumple it up into a ball so that you can use it to scrape down soiled grates after grilling.
  • If your barbeque is on its last legs, add charcoal bricks or lava rocks around the burner to help prevent hot spots and get you through the summer.

Now that you’ve got your barbeque ready and fired up, invite some family and friends over to enjoy the warm weather, good company and grilled, juicy steak.

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