The benefits of bike-sharing

The general population is now healthier and more environmentally friendly than ever before with a major focus on keeping both our bodies and our cities running smoothly. One great way to stay in shape and help lower pollution at the same time is choosing to ride a bike. Owning and maintaining a bike can be expensive, but through bike sharking, that cost drops significantly. You no longer need to worry about the storage, maintenance or theft of a bicycle. On top of these benefits, the more bikes there are on the city streets, the safer it will be for everyone. It brings visibility and normalcy to cyclists on the roads that cities without bike sharing simply don’t have.

Believe it or not, bike sharing started in the 1960s, however, it took a while to catch on due to the lack of tracking and security that we have today through apps on our phones. Things really started to take off when eleven cities adopted bike sharing in 2004, and now 1000 cities across 50 counties in the past 15 years. Countless studies show an increase in mental health in those that partake in physical activity and bike sharing is a cheap, easy way to get that activity in. Participating in bike sharing will not only show an upswing in healthy citizens, but it will help reduce congestion, noise and air pollution within the city.

As you’ve probably noticed the bright green bikes all over downtown Calgary for the last year, these are called Lime Bikes: Calgary’s current go-to for bike sharing. These bikes offer a fun way to get around for very little cost. Unlock the bike for a dollar and then pay thirty cents for every minute you ride. With small electric motors to help boost you up tricky hills or rush to your destination if you’re running late, these Lime Bikes are handy contraptions. They’re easy to use and a great option if you don’t want to work up a sweat. To get started, all you have to do is:

  1. Create an account and download the app.
  2. Scan the QR code on the bike.
  3. Ride to your destination.
  4. End your ride on the app.

That’s all it takes – no hassle. Just find a bike and go. These new Lime Bikes have changed the transportation game when it comes to getting around Calgary. You no longer need to worry about parking or traffic; simply hop on one of these bikes to zip around the inner city and get to where you need to be in minutes. These bikes will go up to nearly 24 kilometres per hour and can go for over 80 kilometres before needing a recharge.

Find your Lime Bike on the app map anywhere downtown and the surrounding neighbourhoods. Whether you’re going for dinner on 17th Avenue or exploring the river pathways, choose bike sharing to experience the city in a new, fun way.

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