Tips for a quick home sale in the summer

Summer in Calgary is arguably the best time of year. The weather is warm and welcoming, there are plenty of activities and events outdoors and many people go on vacation. There are very few people stressed about buying or selling their home in the summer months. However, believe it or not, summer is not the ideal time to list your home due to many factors, a few of them listed above. On top of those, kids are out of school and require attention all day, every day. There is so much going on during the summer months that most people simply don’t have real estate on their minds.

However, we all know that life happens and sometimes you just need to list your home now and get it over with. It may be more difficult to sell than in other months of the year, but there are ways to make your home stand out so that you can sell it as quickly as possible. Here are our top tips for making a summer home sale:

  • Mow your lawn twice a week. It might not need it, but keeping it well-groomed and fresh is very appealing to prospective buyers.
  • Boost your curbside appeal by trimming your bushes, plant flowers, spread mulch and keep your yard looking fresh and inviting.
  • Decorate the house with summer accents. Add bright colours and take out any dark accent pillows and rugs.
  • Make your house as bright as possible. Replace heavy, dark drapes with something light. Keep the blinds open and let the sunlight do the work.
  • Be flexible in your showing hours. As summer is such a hectic time for most people, they don’t have regular schedules. Try to be flexible on visiting hours – many people will want to stop by after dinner because that’s when they have spare time.
  • Move furniture outside to create an outdoor living space while also making your home look that much bigger. Bonus: this creates more living space with furniture you already own and it costs you nothing but a fraction of time.
  • Bring on the sparkle. People link summer to sparkly, so add in some picture frames, vases, mirrors or even garden gnomes to make your home more memorable.
  • Many realtors have cookies or other baked goods at open houses and showings. Since it’s summer, replace these with summer foods, like a pitcher of lemonade or slices of watermelon.
  • Cut flowers from your garden and bring them indoors to give it a natural, fresh aroma.
  • Keep the house cool – there is nothing less appealing than a stuffy room. Keep the air moving so your guests want to stay in the house longer.

Following this simple checklist will help make your home more appealing to people throughout the summer months. We hope the crowds flock to your home and start making offers so that they too can live in the summer oasis you’ve created.

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