The dos and don’ts of shared scooters

This summer, Calgary welcomed hundreds of scooters onto its pathways as Lime and Bird launched their new speedy modes of transportation. People over the age of eighteen got outside and explored the city by two wheels, 20 kilometres at a time. As of October 10, 2019, there have been 675,000 rides in the past three months – so a lot of people are enjoying riding these electric scooters! However, there is also a lot of confusion around these new devices, how to use them safely to avoid injury or get a violation ticket. With two weeks left to ride these scooters before they are packed up for winter, there is still time to learn and utilize them properly as long as the lanes are clear of snow and ice.


Jacquelyn Oriold, Transportation Education Planner with the City of Calgary, has been enjoying riding the scooters since the pilot project started. “When riding one of the shared electric scooters, it’s important that I watch out for other people that share the space with me; I always slow down and make sure that other people using the sidewalk are aware of me and if I intend to pass them,” says Oriold. When it comes to riding around the city, it’s a shared responsibility by everyone walking, cycling, driving and scootering to make sure that they are being safe. There are several safety tips that will help ensure our roads and pathways are kept safe during scooter season:


Yield to Pedestrians

This is the same as if you were on a skateboard, bicycle, rollerblades, you name it; it’s important to respect the shared space of a sidewalk. Ring your bell or shout out if you are near a pedestrian and need to alert them of your presence. Allow pedestrians to cross safely when they are in your path and be respectful while using the sidewalk beside them. If you’re looking for another motivator, you could receive a $150 fine for interfering with a pedestrian on a sidewalk, so better to just scoot safely!


Look Both Ways

Whether you’re crossing a lane of traffic, intersecting with another pathway or passing pedestrians, it’s important to check your surroundings before making a move. There could be someone speeding up behind you, a car running a yellow light or people not watching where they are going. When you’re about to make a move, shoulder check, look in all directions and move safely and efficiently to your desired location.


Park Correctly

It’s important to park your scooter correctly when you finish your ride. You can leave your scooter on the sidewalk, around where the bike racks, trees and trash bins are kept and one metre off of pathways. You’ll find scooters in parks, on front lawns, on the edge of sidewalks and many other places, so ensure that you are parking correctly when you hop off your ride.


If you’d prefer to watch this information in a safety video, check out the City of Calgary’s Do’s & Don’ts when it comes to electric scooters.


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