Why it Pays to List Your Home During the Holidays

With Christmas right around the corner, we’re all inundated with an endless to-do list: buy gifts, plan a meal, catch up with relatives, decorate the house, prepare for holiday guests – it seemingly never ends until the new year. Therefore, many people may think that it’s smart to take their home off the market for this chaotic season as they are swamped with holiday preparation so they assume other people will be too busy to think about buying a home. However, we’re here to tell you that this is not the case. Here are several reasons you should keep your home on the market over the holidays this year:


Reduced Inventory, Reduced Competition


Other people are thinking just like you, so when they take their house off the market over the holidays, this means there are fewer homes to compete with. Your listing will now rise much closer to the top of online searches as there are less homes for buyers to look through. Sure, your home may not be showing-ready all the time with your Christmas baking preparation or gift-wrapping station, but it’s better for prospective buyers to see your home rather than not even know it’s for sale.


Holiday Fever


During the holidays, you’re often baking delicious treats, decorating like crazy and keeping things pretty tidy. Your home may never look better than the holidays with cozy lights, festive wreaths, cute trinkets and your Christmas tree set up in the corner. Between that real pine smell and the abundance of holiday scents you have floating around, the holidays are a great time for prospective buyers to take a peek, and a smell, inside.


Time Off


Christmas is one of those holidays that guarantees everyone at least one day off, generally a few, if not a week. Whether you’re hoping to sell your home to a family or an individual, this allows them some free time to browse online and potentially come see your home during their time off. This gives families the opportunity to bring their children to the showing so that they too can have a say in where they want to live.


Quicker Process


Just as the market is slower during the holiday season, so are mortgage brokers, banks, etc. Since fewer people have their homes on the market, there are fewer loans to approve, contracts to sign and people to see, the process moves more quickly for those who do get to sell their home during the holidays.


Overall, those looking to buy a home during the holiday season are motivated to get the process done so that they can get back to enjoying the break with their families. They have time off to look at the house, can think about it with fewer options out there, look forward to quicker transactions and processes as well as view homes when they look most beautiful. So, don’t take your home off the market just yet – leaving it on might just mean that you’ll have a home sale here in the next few weeks.





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