How to make your home pet-friendly

Whether you’re a cat, dog or all-around animal lover, it’s true that pets often rule the home. People don’t like to think so, but we rush home to feed them, dote on them when they demand, give them treats for being good and clean up after them when they make a mess. But, how you can you blame us when they’re so darn cute?!


It’s time to realize that our pets may be more important than we let on, so why not start designing your home with them in mind? There’s no need to sacrifice style or comfort for these cute critters, you just need to know how to decorate so that you’re both equally happy with the arrangement.


Choosing Their Space


When you’re deciding where to set up your pup’s bed or your cat’s tree, remember to keep them close by. Your animals like to be near you, so don’t hide them in the corner. Perhaps you place a blanket for your cat on the windowsill, or your dog’s bed right at the end of yours. They will often follow you around the house if they’re bored, so find a good spot for them in each room, whether they want to lay on the heat register or in the warmest sunbeam.


Decorating Their Space


Once you’ve decided on a space (or your pet has chosen one for themselves), it’s time to decorate in style. Whether your home is farm-house retro or modern chic, there are home designers out there who have your pet – and you – in mind. Choose food and water dishes that go with your flooring and cabinet colours. Do some research on what kind of bed your furry friend would like best. Perhaps your cat is happy with a simple circle pillow on the floor; others may choose a cave-like bed so they can curl up and sleep any time of day. Perhaps you choose a collar that suits their personality but reflects your favourite colour. Furnishing your pet’s space is about them, decorating your pet’s space is about you.


Building Their Space


Sometimes you need to invest in a new space for your pet if you know they’re going to be a permanent fixture in your life for years to come. Dogs are known to play and roll around in the dirt from time to time; where do you wash your pup when you come indoors? Consider building a dog bath or setting up a gentle dog wash station outside of your home so that you don’t have to share your perfectly decorated bathroom. Instead of closing your pet in a regular old kennel when you go out for the night, perhaps you build a nice gated area into your garage, so they have a permanent home where they feel safe and comfortable when they’re alone.


Since you love these little creatures just about as much as they love you, you know they’ll appreciate being brought into the home design process – just as long as they get a treat on that new bed of theirs!



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