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How to store and display vinyl records at home

The history of the record player dates back into the 1800s but it reached popularity in the mid-1900s. Simple vinyl records came out originally, however customers complained that they wore out after a few uses. After the Great Depression, musical-experts focused on inventing a new compound that would last longer and deliver high-quality sound. Fewer […]

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Best of Calgary: Homes and Design

The annual Best of Calgary survey results have been released and based on the results from Calgarians, we have a list of the best places in Calgary. For the benefit of our clients, we are going to share the best places in town in the homes and design categories so you can get recommendations on […]

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Top 10 home design trends for 2018

With a new year comes new trends in all things design, and that means home decor and interiors too. Houzz recently released their list of home design predictions from 2018, and here is our pick of the top 10. Bold-coloured sofa: a bright couch is actually a very easy way to give an entire room a […]

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