Love your community? Vote for it as Calgary’s Best Neighbourhood

If you love your community (or a community you don’t live in), Avenue Magazine is now accepting nominations for the 2020 Calgary’s Best Neighbourhood list. Every year, Avenue Magazine runs this survey to get an idea of what neighbourhood qualities are important to Calgary, and ranks our city’s communities based upon that information.

But putting all that aside for a moment, this is our data-driven approach to ranking the 185 residential neighbourhoods of Calgary. What makes a neighbourhood the perfect place for you to live is a matter of personal taste. But what makes a neighbourhood a great place to live for most Calgarians? What characteristics and amenities are the most desirable to most of us? That’s the question we try to answer each year with our Best Neighbourhoods survey and rankings. [Avenue Magazine]

In case you are interested in how communities stacked up in 2019, here is the top 25 list from last year:

  1. Brentwood
  2. Huntington Hills
  3. Bowness
  4. Varsity
  5. Arbour Lake
  6. Acadia
  7. Dalhousie
  8. Lake Bonavista
  9. Signal Hill
  10. Edgemont
  11. Albert Park/Radisson Heights
  12. Shawnessy
  13. Haysboro
  14. Montgomery
  15. Thorncliffe
  16. Bridgeland/ Riverside
  17. Forest Lawn
  18. Canyon Meadows
  19. Dover
  20. Hillhurst
  21. McKenzie Towne
  22. McKenzie Lake
  23. Scenic Acres
  24. Southwood
  25. Silver Springs

If your favourite community didn’t make the list last year, now’s your chance to help it get on the top 10 (or at least the top 50). You can take the survey online, it takes about ten minutes. We’re curious, what’s your favourite part of the community you live in?

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